• Identifikacijski broj nabave: SUCRE-HZI-CS-QCBS-01-2015
  •  Poziv za iskazivanje interesa – Request For Expressions Of Interest (Consulting Services – Firms Selection) – oglas je objavljen u Narodnim novinama br. 39 od  8. 4. 2015.
  • HŽ Infrastruktura d.o.o. would like to notify all interested parties that the procedure for the selection of consulting services for Croatian Railways – Asset Management has been cancelled according to Management Board Decision No. UI-45-24/17 of 10th May 2017.
    Please note that the notification of a new procurement procedure will be published in official publications.
    – oglas objavljen u Narodnim novinama br. 51 od 31. 5. 2017.
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